It's a Start

I'm done looking for the beginning to this poem
for what sets me off

-is it those thousand kisses last night
her soft face, body, heart melting
brown eyes and dimple and for how many hours did we...
(and I felt like Catullus)

or stuck in gridlock and wondering
about my dad’s hometown
and he's in Italy and
I break down

then honking short-short-long 'cause the Leafs won
or the Tim's commercial that sets me off
about the immigrant father and son

or Roy O's ghost and high notes
making me dizzy
or Johnny Cash giving his love to Rose, singing
"take her all my money, tell her to buy some pretty clothes"

or slave in a kitchen to feed a homesick man
or sit and make the most
fantastically esoteric jokes
just to prove you can

or liver and onions for the landlady,
“hey I made too much food”
"I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea, if you’re in the mood."

I rhyme til Sunday
to keep you glued
-so you’ll listen-
but I know what is proper and
what is sneaky
and I will begin this poem at the beginning.

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