10 career choices to consider

1) Hot dog vendor - plenty fresh air and interaction; I'd charge a toonie. But I hear the vending racket is controlled by the mob. No wonder we see no outdoor salad carts.
2) Priest - I'd be gunned down tragically in Central America. Villagers would pray to my ghost for paranormal blessings.
3) Cashier - nothing calms me down like making change. Seriously.
4) Copywriter - hmm. No.
5) MiSC. editor - already had this job, and it was great. What is MiSC.? I'm working on that post. It's tough to explain.
6) Jokewriter - I do this one too.
7) Busboy - I prefer picking up plates to picking up bowls but can't be fussy I guess. I'd be the go-to guy when folks ask 'Can I get another napkin?' My shift would be a well-oiled machine.
8) Tour guide on a double-decker bus - many favourite things combined: fresh air, making stuff up, meet bored tourists (some goodlooking) with too much money. May have to start a touring company. The Toronto neighbourhoods tour. Yeah. Could be on rickshaw too. God that's a brilliant idea.
9) Mixed-tape consultant - just waiting for the technology to make a comeback.
10) World Cup Blogger - nothing says soccer like a blog! Yes.


The Mighty Kat said...


Two things -

I love "lactard". Brilliant.

What was the brilliant line you wrote about hollowing out your leg and using it to canoe? I want to put that on my blog permanently, credited to you of course.

And three, thanks for stopping by!

Cupcake Man said...

Oct 02 2006 post:

"I hollowed my wooden leg into a canoe. I can't run marathons but
the portaging in Algonquin is grand."

I'm glad you like it. I'm afraid I have no idea what it means !

The Mighty Kat said...

Well, it's about sacrifice for dreams, I think - living by one's own code...

but then I hate to break cool things down this way...it tends to destroy them...

I really like it. It's my favorite line you've written that I've read.