Quit your day job

(Get a day job and quit)

The emptiness that came so swift upon
being respectable
the pointlessness sets me adrift on being

I don't speak any more, it's
circumspect to piss or spit
when you wake up too early to work late
complaints don't rate
when I can't raise complaints I feel so
normal even keeled and self-possessed and
god I
hate it.

This is the other half, the
greener grass, the moment past for future moments that will pass
so think about half-naked women so nice
and car insurance and a motorbike
monthly pay is comfortable, safe, that's good advice

You get old, accept that excuse
nobody promoted from a recluse cave and
integrity's a kind of
ascetic self-abuse I guess so
let up let up get up and give up

And if you just stopped reading
then you deserve what you get.
'If I just stop writing I'll get everything
I deserve.'


Oberon said...

........i like it.

Bobby said...

The only reason I work is because I think cubicles are like cool little houses.

The Mighty Kat said...

I like this:
And if you just stopped reading
then you deserve what you get.

It probably works because anyone who keeps reading is the type of person who figures he never gets what he deserves anyway, or maybe i'm just out there...

Penny said...

Great last lines..