I have too many friends!

(and so do you)

I have so many friends
they live around the world
they like to lol with me
some are boys and some are girls

when I say ☺ they do the same
when they are busy they don't say anything
sometimes I don't say nothing, because I'm cool like that
sometimes we both say brb
and there's no arguing with that.

I won’t ask my friends to help me move
or cook me soup when I am sick
I won’t borrow cash from them
because they are just my friends
and I only lol with them

I have 462 friends
I am the champion of friends!
highest ranked on friendster
on my birthday they send e-cards
when I get married they will (K) me
when I die they will :(

1 comment:

Char said...

very cute.
see you saturday!