(folks, we have arrived)

The written word is a funny thing.
I get the feeling you're
less sentimental than I
so you won't think twice
about me waxing
about how
important it is that
since I discovered your
existence I have resolved
to meet you
as soon as possible.

Oh I've been plotting suddenly
-and this is nothing like me-
and scheming,
every song selected
for maximum meaning
and melting of
your shivering hard diamond heart.

Call me a wacko
but a sliver of me
for the longest time
I've been writing
about you
-wacko, yes-
bet you didn't
know that
but here just now
I catch myself staring
at you
and reading you
in disbelief and
afraid to tell anyone
they pinch me
I can't deny
this egocentric eccentricity
-so indulge me, please-
that if you were conjured
from poems
I've been writing for years
'Measuring the best of me,
awaiting her, clandestinely'
then it's nothing at all for me
to wait a bit longer.

I'll do what I have to.

Wait, yes.
When it's
blind love, Tom waits
But today I got my wish
see you soon enough
thanks to two unlikely cupids
and boy yeah now I'm being mushy and stupid and
be warned that
in person I tell shockingly horrendous puns!


Anonymous said...

AWWW that's so cute!

PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

I agree with anony .

And how fascinating,
that the words you posted yesterday
are virtually the exact same words
I was thinking yesterday .

I just now stumbled upon your blog,
but I think I like you already .

I won't ask you to read my blog,
but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you in the slightest .

Penny. said...

Cute, isn't how I would have described this poem. Creepy? Yes. Well written? As always. But, it gave me shivers. Though, that is not to say it wasn't enjoyable. Just a tone that, while I'm not entirely surprised, I hadn't read it you yet.

You have my compliments, as usual. And, blessings for the holiday! I hope you are having a fabulous easter.

Agent Johnson said...

honest and crazy and irresistible

Anonymous said...

that's really sweet!

you sound *exactly* like phil0philiac...

Cupcake Man said...

for once i just wanted to sound like me. if she smiles then it's worth it

Actively Acting Out said...


The Mighty Kat said...

nice job.

is tom waits a pun?

Cupcake Man said...

tom waits is a hero. and a pun