July 24, 2005

(prequel to as-yet nonexistent brunch blog)

What: Brunch

Where: 10:40am Cafe Luna, Dovercourt and Argyle, Toronto

Who: PT [that's me], KF, DT, SB, MG.

Resolutions passed:
  • brunch
  • conversation
Notable fashions: PT's Guess jeans and green shirt bearing 'checks accepted' slogan. DT's homemade earrings, KF's hat (father has a really big head).

MG reports attempt at 'lost key' ploy to pick up cute waitress at Hooters, but does not succeed. Embroiled in own deceit, he is forced to discuss whereabouts of phantom non-keys with manager, as waitress was nonplussed. MG to return for 3rd Hooters outing in less than a month after otherwise lifelong Hooters boycott.

Party Announced: "Theme Thursday", July 28. Normally "Waffle Wednesdays" but to conform to alliterative nomenclatural procedures this will be "Theme Thursday, colon, waffles." Possibility of chicken and waffles or other savoury, non-Belgian recipes. Unfortunately MV (third Chateau Nice housemate, sidelined with ovaries) cannot attend. 'Moon waffles' proposed to celebrate the anniversarial achievement of that great astronaut and dessert aficionado, Neil Armstrong.

SB relates near-brush with megastardom, demonstrating scanning equipment for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 3. Unfortch SB does not get to demo scanner and meet the megastar.

Out of nowhere PT proclaims high-speed mag-lev trains needed across Canada, a project for national unity. Airplanes (those white elephants of the sky) do not suffice.

MG to visit Germany for World Cup and then wants to stay for Oktoberfest. Thinks it impractical to stay away that long. PT suggests he bone up on German and then be key Canadian player in the beer fest, influencing international events with linguistic fluency.

Talk of Masonry, conspiracy theory, secret handshakes, pirates, and gold buried in Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Botched attempt by PT to take cellphone photo of Masonic symbol etched above restroom toilet.

MG is reading a book about psychic American troops training to explode goats' hearts with staring tactics. Incredulity around the table.

Final bill: $101.90 plus tip = $120


What Fi Sees said...

Too sweet cupcake man

ps/ as for the saddest music...
Beethoven's #9 Ode to Joy - augh!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I can't believe I missed that.

My life has no meaning now, at all.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore