11 Tantalizing Headlines (for future posts)

  1. 1 Year Plan for World Domination (including mid-plan sabbatical because it's really easy)
  2. I'm Actually Not As Crazy As I Was Five Minutes Ago (and other discouraging trends)
  3. Words I Will Now Refuse to Read
  4. What Mild Rejection Has Taught Me (aka 1 year plan to settle for a boring desk job)
  5. If Only I Could Hear at Canine Frequencies ...
  6. Beyonce Is My Cousin?? Eww, That's Travolting!
  7. I Never Wash My Hands (But I Do Wash My Fists... With The Blood of Aliens!)
  8. How I Greened My Nightmares
  9. Facebook, The Movie? Meet Cupcake Man, The Smiling!
  10. Ear Wax: Why Those Who Have It Just Don't Care, And Those Who Don't Are Jealous
  11. Please...Talk To Me When I'm Listening

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