Test of Faith

(does this poem have any meaning?)

Greece is a land on a lake
a fish is a trout or a hake
the auto makers are so damn many
I vacillate on Niles Crane - gay, or tranny?

lots we could learn from a donut
so much it makes us whole
a hole has a role in the cosmic casserole
let’s all burrow the mole!

gouda’s a cheese and a friend
a pigeon can never suspend
disbelief or relief at a wedding wreath
so let’s talk of pudding and plumcakes:

I wish I were uglier than Chekov
or swam a few laps like old Sulu
my cousin has twelve mahogany shelves
a pittance to dole out to me

a nun stores a gun in her hair
'tis the Morbid Miss Zelda FitzFlair
she whispered a chant
and ruckused a pedant
her smidgen did wow the White Bear

then O’Malley Vesuvius Fok was
out on a stroll round the block
with jellified knees he gathered the bees
and hornets to purchase a few midrange-calibre bootlegged DVDs

sneezing to please the Great Swami
I ranked seventeen yummy mummies
I begged the Red Baron to rent out his harem, but
was met with copyright lawsuits, stonewalls, spitting and blaring

bendy or twisted? 't'matters not
Voluptuous Vincent lies on a cot, a gut rot so heartstopping
shot up his veins with tiles and terracotta, obsessed
with quantum carousels and recollections of an ink blot.


The Mighty Kat said...

Seems like two poems, the second starting with "I wish I were uglier than Chekov." If so, then the second one seems laden with meaning, but much too heavy for simple me to figure out. Seems heady and literary.

(Skips away thinking "gouda is a cheese and a friend.")

Truth said...

"bendy or twisted? 't'matters not"
however convoluted you make a poem - the meaning is always there.

perhaps the meaning of the poem is to confuse the reader into thinking that there is no meaning?

or perhaps there is some dark-seated metaphor, some obscure reference to the poets own life - that we - the unknowing - can never understand..

or perhaps it was just written for randomness sake - in which case

i applaud you.

Cupcake Man said...