They killed my girl

Poor Peaches, my dear Peaches. I never loved a girl as much.

They snapped your spokes and punched your tires; they rusted your axles into dust. They laughed at you, said you couldn't make it. I spit to think they were right. You were beat down but never defeated. O the asphalt is a fickle hellcat, and the automobiles like destructive mammoths - but I will have my satisfaction. Your daughter will avenge you.

RIP Peaches: June 2005-March 2006. Peaches gave till it hurt, then gave some more, til she collapsed finally of faulty brakes, broken spokes and terminally flat tires. A hearty steed, a roadworthy companion and a friend.
  • Kilometres traveled: 3,000+
  • Bike-a-thons: 2
  • Flat tires: 5
  • Unreliable kickstands: 1
  • Warped wheels: 2
  • Busted spokes: 1
  • Rear-basket malfunctions: 2
  • Bike computers destroyed: 1
  • Water-bottle-holders destroyed: 1
  • Spontaneous chain derailments (on lowest gear): ~50
  • Collisions with autos: 2
  • Collisions with pedestrians: 3
  • Rear-brake failures: >20 (any time the temperature was below -10C)
  • Near-fatal wipeouts on College Street: 1

Made for a woman, but strong enough for 10 men: Peaches defied the laws of physics and common sense. She was born a 1980s Free Spirit, reincarnated in 2005 as a 'FrankenBike', recycled with the wrong brakes and handlebars. She had a 50-lb lady's steel frame and no apparent virtues - aside from enough butt-rusted-ugliness to deter the urban thieves. Yet she did me right when I needed her - got me a job even - and I loved her true.

I bought her for $80 in a Kensington alleyway... She may as well have been born in a manger.

You will ride again, and we shall pedal the boulevards of paradise - when the roadway is righteous once more.


uninvited guest said...

well written

kitchen hand said...

I still have an old Peugeot racer. I rode it around the Great Ocean Road in 1989. The best ride in the world. But scary. They closed the road to cars for the mass ride - there were about 3000 bikes. You couldn't do it with cars on the road. Cars are insane around that road.

My first bike was a girls' bike - they called them ladies' bikes in those days. I bought it from a friend's sister to deliver newspapers in 1972.

Penny said...

Very sweet ode here.. I love it.

Penny said...

blue free spirit bike
spirit free indeed and gone
where good bikes go

we hope..

I'm on a haiku roll.. forgive me.