As the world turns...

(my weekly allotment of trash. And you dear reader are the garbageman)

In the middle of the town sat a piece of dust, it was the wind that moved the world around and built entire cities of speckled parts, million masses of a millionth.

Ever discuss the world with friends? Probably get a few blank stares. I need a long vacation. Would do me good. Don’t ask me what to do with the children, they will learn as I did, in their cage stuffing their brain with whatever mild perversities are needed to survive. Let's call that character. All these phrases are new, I have a new phrase to tell you.

Grab that woman and give her a kiss, melt the magic in the momentary mist, you dissolve all atmosphere into day but clarity can be anticlimactic. The world is the oyster of the psychopaths, the corporations aren’t human, zombies more like it – ‘Brains! Brains!’ the monster-trucks exemplars of the industrial wrath.

Create the world in seven days. Unlock the ocean and part each wave. Combing the waters as you straighten the stars. Sometimes the world looks great from afar. I was tall once, a mountain, I stood among clouds, but the clouds don’t speak and a giant gets lonely. Let me crawl in dust and sweat and bleed, it’s all written down in the Apostle’s Creed. Each singer has just one song. Sing it from the spine, can’t get it wrong. Enough! Enough! Don’t let my head turn or my attention stray, I have stiff competition yet I give it all away.

My image is "more fractured than Italian politics." Manipulate the familiar to consolidate power? I refuse. Exploration as a compulsion, creativity as a vice, unpredictability as founding principle, although even quantum leaps can make an educated man yawn, so when in doubt write poems about girls because girls are cute and when I’m boozy I get mushy. Yummy. Attention consensus is what we use, the lowest common denominator to control, abuse. Coca Cola is our ambassador to the rest of the Galaxy. There is nothing special about carbon. We are all carbon beings, that lowest denominator but only 1 trillionth get to become the diamonds.

The synthetic and empirical gives way to a priori and eternal. We are reeds wilting in the wind, but the cave sandblasted over decades stands forever but is that what makes the grade for eternity just a huge hollowed out hole?

I need a strong woman who will last. I know there's more out there, outside the cave.

Dinosaurs drive my car! Dinosaurs drive my car! Their extinction expedites my own.

I’m a fossil fool. But it’s a useful tool. Pulling us up by our bootstraps, melt a few billion ice caps along the way. Ice cappchinos… notice how slushy they are, global warming, yeah that's funny. Cancer? Chalk it up to experience and usher in the era of housemaid robots. Oh progress! We are freed from work! But the reverse is true, each email I send you and I’m shackled to the pew. I would ‘reply all’ if I could, it’s a faster way to goodbye. I’m a sucker for pithy, push me out so I can fly, but flight is an illusion, it’s more like floating than flight; we are flying fish floating through air. We’re little specks passing through, atoms from solid to liquid to gas, all three states are possible every time you blink, you miss your chance to walk through walls.

Hydrogen gives life it comes from the centre of the sun, but that’s like saying ‘the basic building blocks of life give us life’ you are better saying ‘existence exists’ or perhaps a single High-C would suffice if we were blind and dumb and senseless. It’s called Logos my friend and I know little enough to know my little knowledge is but a seductive debutante seeking to impress. If ephemeral at least be brief. Guilty of prolix metaphysics. If deep, be still.

Validating myself via my own untested discoveries. My empire is a house of cards. Quit teasing me about the fourth dimension (yet another impossible search). We don’t worship the sun but we should. As close to an uncaring and guilt-free deity as there is (shares parenting duties with the moon, it’s like good-cop bad-cop).

When the supernova hits I hope we've made it to other solar systems.

As much as I remember, there is so much uselessness I’m glad to forget. For every ten bad ideas come one good one. To paraphrase a wiser man, to have a good idea, have lots of ideas. Be fruitful and multiply. Waste not want not. Love. In Harmony. Like the Beatles.

I’m a victim of the remote control epoch. Nothing if not a mirror. You get what you deserve. You are what you reflect, but no ‘actually I’m lefthanded’ and so even the mirror lies. And the camera has to flip things upsidedown twice to make a picture and I was told two wrongs don’t make a right so why should I believe my own eyes?

This constant state of disbelief, I can suspend judgment but not incredulity.

Dearth! The Dearth! This perpetual obsession for worth!

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