best useless sentences from the past month

Never trust a squeaking mouse, always lock the back door when exiting the house.

Please sir I must keep you integrated. Always switching points of view, one minute a salamander the next the ocean floor. I like the concrete and you love abstract thinking, wait a minute, this sixth sense: thought or seeing dead people and always with technique and never truth. Dear me I bypassed logic getting to your insane orgy.

Bring my old scarecrows back to life in the guise of remembering my childhood. I don’t remember if it was that I hated him or that I needed something to hate.

“Our town is founded on the principles of ‘Gutter Trash for the Masses’ We are a latter-day Vegas.” Nutznougat said it was impolitic to mock the midgetry. “I said ‘latter’, not ‘ladder’.” And he rolled his eyeballs.

Faster than the speed of definition, always at the edge of the unmentionable, a pioneer of epistemology. Outraced classification, but I’m not here to show off for the girls at the bar. Far far too subversive, and I don’t want glory and I don’t want money and I want you to believe in love again and I don’t -

I don't want to tell time. I want to build clocks.

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