Monday self-analysis

Let me bore you with details:

6:30am woke up, showered, dressed
6:55 vitamins, juice, newspaper
7:00 rode Mario to physio (pilates) appt in Fashion district
7:30 physio with Karen
8:30 on bicycle, looking for Zanta for Punshine shoot, did not find him (my white whale - I must persevere)
9:00 more breakfast at new trendy College St spot; read 'Conde Nast' and wrote in journal
9:45 rode Mario to Harbord/Crawford bike shop to locate new bungee cords. Guy in shop says "I don't know what to charge - no one ever buys these...". We settle on $2.20 for the pair.
10:00 bike to Bloor/Gladstone library to find 'The City in History', classic by Lewis Mumford I always wanted to read; place 'hold'; return home
10:30 on bicycle with camera; photograph Alexandra Park neighbourhood (Bathurst-Spadina, Queen-Dundas), for 'TorontoGuy'
12:15pm back home, wrote personal ad for online classified site, one joke, one serious; surfed Craigslist and sighed at the mass futility
1:00 leftover pizza
1:15 email former boss; keep in touch for new job possibility
1:45 sweaty from physio and biking, so shower again, shave; apply aftershave and cologne (the goodlooking people I run into on my bike!)
2:00 Mario to Linuxcaffe on Harbord, read investment book in accordance with idea to take Canadian Securities Course in autumn; reach p. 124 (pretty good!)
3:30 online banking/investment checkup
3:45 spot yet another 'copywriter' position; note to self - 'write cover letter' (it could happen)
4:00 post on FIAC

still to come:
5:30 ride Mario to sketchy east end
6:00 volunteer with national political campaign
9:00 bike home in the dark from sketchy east end
9:45 cook asparagus before it goes bad, maybe thaw frozen burger
10:15 wash dishes, drink tea
10:45 email friend re Labour Day plans
11:00 attempt silly post for FIAC - use bungee cords as inspiration?
12:00midnight sleep

now it's after 4:30, and I've got less than an hour. What should I do?

Easy: ride my bike. (need at least 3 hours/day)

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Tanya said...

I think that Zanta can only appear when you aren't looking for him.