out of words

Need to recharge. Rethink. Readjust mindset. Get ready for Nonsense. It ain’t easy being funny. It’s an inexact science. Like astrophysics on rollerskates down a hill of ice, covered in spiderwebs and juggling a fistful of draidles. No wait that’s my Hallowe’en costume. Hallowe'en yeah, I'm a sucker for candy.

I need new ideas. Reading to get inspired. Right now it's Language and Consciousness by John Searle on the nature of thought. Ever think about thought? It's all in his book. Funniest thing in the book: "Nobody will look at a single molecule of water and say - 'don't touch it, you'll get wet!'" [i'm paraphrasing] Something about emergent properties ie consciousness comes from the neuron and synapse. A table is solid, water is wet, both are empty space, mostly. So what gives? Not the table. We don't know how thought arises from brain processes but we know that it happens so we may as well try to figure it out [another paraphrase]; let's demystify this thinking crap.

I wanted to write a silly poem this morning, but it turned into a sappy piece about a blond-haired short kid blowing bubbles while his cousin does cartwheels and mom smokes a cigarette and nags, "Be careful - you'll break your neck." But wait that's not so sappy - more like Americana fluff. The neck breakage made it macabre and woke me from the keyboard. (I am practised at the art of self-censorship.)

Whenever I begin something silly, I think about waffles - nature's most ridiculous dessert?

Other things to accomplish before the leaves fall off the trees:
1) Become a stock broker
2) become a graphic designer
3) Italian lessons
4) seriously consider the Triathlon

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