Hounds of Love

I need a passport to get me into my next state of consciousness. Tired of ramming clichés into a blender and everything coming out smoothie, a bit too digestible. Eco-conscious thoughts, are these sentiments neurodegradable or will they litter the thoughtscape for centuries? Packaging, I’m cutting down on packaging now.

“In the future…” My favourite way to start a sentence.

In the future will pork and beans be outlawed?

I did a hatchet job on myself.

Got soaked again. Can’t trick Mother Nature. Like a soccer commentator, uttering poignant things every tenth minute.

Leave me dice and a drawbridge for the night and I can be the knight in the moat with fight in his face and lice in his hair, dirty but unbowed and proud of his duty and serving the beauty of her name and eyes and the skies will be painted with her fair breath, so dress for Sunday and pluck the goat, the moment's tonight and the broken backs are upon the boat.

Pisces do unnerve me, they are fish with a tail, a dragon drinking ale and I’m a wiggin with the nail, this hammer of my finger does not linger for a moment in my mind so unwind the twine and unfurl limericks into mirth; it's a truth you can't escape the mind ready for rape and the ladies're atittering at their own selfastonishment.

Selfish it is to sell fish at all.


char said...

pork and beans SHOULD be outlawed... ew.

Penny said...

"I need a passport to get me into my next state of consciousness."

LOL! Me, too.