Marilyn and John peeling carrots

...a conversation b/w two people who won't admit they're in love.

Marilyn: John, I’m not content.
John: Neither was Stalin.
M: Are you comparing me to Stalin?
J: Well your mustache is inferior.
M: You're obsessed with communist despots. And don't trash the 'stache.
J: 'Despot' implies a bad thing.
M: Why am I Stalin?
J: I reference him because of geopolitics, feminist theory, and these carrots we're peeling. It's hard to explain.
M: Huh?
J: I don't know.
M: You're nuts.
J: Ha, now I’m the one ‘stallin’...
M: My brain's wilting; stop. Can't we talk about life, love and inspiration?
J: These things matter to you?
M: Very much. My father’s uncle was a butcher. He taught me to get to the heart of the matter. That's what butchers do.
J: Nonsense.
M: No it isn't.
J: Well I agree, the quality of life depends on the liver.
M: Go to hell, John.
J: Zing.

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The Mighty Kat said...

more! straight dialogue agrees with you.