don't drink and drive!

(bizarre song written in 6 minutes)

tip toe bobby got a sock in his shoe
totaled his car and killed a kangaroo
lowdown sally stuck her thumb in the air
cried 'dumbo take me home' to the elephant at the fair.

little benny snook was drinking by the pump
turned the key on his mustang and floored the metal pedal
along came sally atop her big grey friend and
benny ran em down and the ivory ran red

officer fitzgordon was snacking at the Tim's
in a 25-year-old cruiser decked with spoilers and fins
the radio was beeping and the dispatcher was freaky
benny killed sally - manslaughter for the geeky

the courthouse was packed and the babies were wailin
judge tough as nails and the papers called for jailin
benny in shackles as fitzgordon led him in
the thumping of his heart echoed the courtroom din

benny buckled, finally; cried and begged for mercy
but the law did not let up, he would do the herky-jerky
no one cared where he schooled or that he got his urban planning masters
the judge stood up and shrieked, 'electrocution for the bastard!'

so that's what you get if you drink and drive
creaming sally and her elephant (200 clicks on highway five)
benny racing home to family, live his life
now he's fried, his name is mud, and he widowed his handsome wife.

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