Child's Pose

Crying in a cuddle with a potion and a puddle
stuck in a cog, a motorboat in a bog
a legless frog, nonsense fog

croak at joke, die from scurvy at the colony of
Roanoake. it's a vitamin sea

mow the lawn with dental floss,
butter your toast with the challahcost
motion to ladybugs to
eat at the moss
grass, crayfish mink and dogs
water falls in ball bearings and it's
dimpled lake, remove the makeup from
your face

i'm still amid my sweatpant symphony
who knew my muscles would ache at 30?
best to tap your toes
don't ask what the weatherman knows

is there a way out of this knot - can't afford 80/h for a
conscience cot

stretch that belly, nelly
loosen the back, jack
hot bath, warm hug, stay clear of the chug, the drugs
sit, make love to an Ikea rug
pray above, give yourself a shove, tough love
'it's tough love because it's love' and it's
sunshine every sunday; look around, see it - I still
guarantee it

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