modern alienation yada yada

I was 8 years old when I realized I had a Commodore 64 in my noggin. Slightly slower than Rain Man, but with slightly higher social skills - I could do calculations in my head faster than anyone I know. I still can. It's my one talent, and unfortunately it's been made completely obsolete. For a while I felt special. But then the 286s came out. Hey I'm stuck with my brain; I can't just do a neuro-processing-upgrade, get a faster chip. I'd have to rewrite my core software instead, cater to the market.

What's 723 X 12?

hmm. 8676

315 / 12


See? You don't believe me. Proves nothing.

The burden of calculation has been lifted. Automobiles made exercise obsolete. Wristwatches put astronomers out of work.

I should have been born 100 years ago - I could have been successful working in a bank. Someone once said to me "you should have been born a hundred years from now." But I disagree, I have traded brains so often, trying to keep my software relevant, I feel I am older than an old stone. Oh to level the playing field. Is this why soccer is so popular? The Luddites have their day.

Don't get me started on Google. Soon all I'll have going for me is my pretty face. Invest heavily in Botox.

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