You Who Open The Doors

(fun in the big city)

your attempts on my life
will not be met with silence

tomorrow I ride with a bucket of pirahnas, and
give your head a soak

metal on fingers is not pleasant
me eating your rear-view mirror is wrong

cabbies on College, lo, your brainpower is lacking
instruct thy passengers to scan well upon egress!

had my fill of motorized ambush
haven't yet pedalled a dozen blocks

Dundas and Spadina - yikes
Chinatown will be my graveyard

I prefer blindness to stupidity
blindfolk at least can hear my horn

I swear at you, I feel better
- can outrage penetrate your plush sedan?

my helmet's not meant to dent your chrome;
I'm hopped on adrenaline and will mess up your face.

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