I resurrected my girl!

She lay in cryogenic freeze since her death last March. You may recall I performed the saddest of eulogies.

This afternoon, however, I took her from her basement slumber and performed massive surgery. After $38.46 and four trips to two different shops for parts, she lives! With a new aluminum rear wheel, overhauled brakes and fresh cables, a lubed up chain, air in her tires, and a shiny yellow bell.

Peaches returns. She is mighty as ever. Alongside Mario (her worthy successor) she owns the roadway once more. Door prizers be warned!


Scientifically Blonde said...

Hurray! Peaches is back! Great work, Cupcake Man. I must say Peaches is looking much better, although she's no Armando! I just hope Mario won't get jealous...

Truth said...

i envy you- you with two bicycles.
I have just found out that mine has been stolen.
Snatched from under my very nose too!
so it goes..