My next *scoff* 'book' of poems

...will be called 'Hope is a Piano'. Title comes from Aug 17/05 poem, the first post I wrote following my momentary (but harrowing) 'birthday retirement' (see June 30/05 and July4/05) from all things cupcake last year.

Scheduled *release* of this noumenously eclectic cornucopia (in PDF form) will be August 17, 2006 here on FIAC, the one-year anniversary of my resurrection. So click the appropriate link when it is published, bask in the cupcakey fakeries and bakeries, and above all continue to be a part of online history!

Best part is, I am nowhere near the 90 poems I would need to complete HIAP, so expect a lot of crazy new stuff in the next five weeks.

Shazam Shazak Shazoom.

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