yee-haws while you can

Astonishingly correct, derelict and sweaty.
smashing horrific devilishly explicit - I'm out of honorifics
- I'm simply a sleuth
freakishly Turkish and bonded to teeth
I'd mix a wet martini but I've got no sweet vermouth

washed into whirlpools and dried on the dock,
unlocked and spun out, it's eternadoubt,
so erase graffiti, my dear Sylvester-Tweety
"Cartoons are what I'm on about."

I quiver as I wait: it's a date with Michaela Simmons Jasper Tate!
High fives to Ebeneezer 'the Colon Cleaner' Johnson-Skinner, bean-counting with tweezer feelers; he scammed a scumbag subscription from the Publishers' Clearing House
"online beejeezus-healers' hot summer sale spectacular" with free
push-button crackhead codebreakers and hot-flash menopausal McDonald's grandma pie-a-la-mode-baking features, three to a box, twist off the box-top and you've got yourself a cure to chronic chest congestion and dry, hacking throat coughs...


It is difficult...

writing in a vacuum.

The world must cease to be.

The world without us... where cupcakes are free.

This aquarium sits on a fractalized squiggle, I don't recognize it, it's artificial.

Oh to bore you with details, to banish all reference points, to explode the sun. Oh to be done, being bored, to outlive the One. Bored at insignificance, lament the last living existentialist, to wonder why we create new digits, memory so easily erased, cannot be etched on immortal copper, bronzed and stuck in one place. I am happy today, borderline silly, all the way gay, love my sweet woman, we cycled by the river and kissed each other's shoulders - oh what a day.

An unnecessary display of force. 'These aren't the droids you're looking for' a quicker passage to my illegal Millenium Falcon.