Facebook thoughts

The great part about Facebook being public is that soon everyone will have something incriminating on there that should get them fired. But at a certain point, no one will be fired or forced to resign for Facebook stupidity anymore, simply because you can't fire everyone. It will just be too impractical to follow the politically correct ethos to its logical conclusion: ie that we are all guilty and must be cast into the wilderness. Public/private and professional lives will meld. It will be 'live and let live', and the retaliations/penalties will take place on Facebook, not meatspace. We're not there yet though. In general we are still hypocrites about this sort of thing. Sounds crazy I know, but I traffic in crazy. I can't wait for the day we are allowed to embrace our true stupid embarrassing selves.


Drink yourself silly

Oh we are wired now, get here and stare, don't care about the crows, the cattle, the lows, we think and drink stacks of pink things, shirking on lunch hour, counting every hour as accounts receivable, unbelievable us educated fops lining up at the trough. I never wanted a job that worked, just eight hours to iron all the creases in my shirt. I figured, 'what now? go on a road trip? take a taxi to Timbuktu, tip the driver, avoid all landmines with an all-knowing GPS'. Great, so I am a success. Hey, driver, stop at the cigar store, I need to blow smoke up your pipe, I have a backlog of friends on Skype I've ignored, you hear about how I'm competing in the Olympics For the Bored?' No wonder when I'm on my bike and doored I don't mind, some adrenaline at last, this big drink all pink and fizzy they call it Sassafraz.