Have you heard Carly Rose yet? You will. If you don't you ain't got ears.

If we are the end, then the machines, so beautiful more beautiful than us - what of them?

An old man beaten who fought for freedom, this is unbelievable unconditionally unforgivable! Let's trump hope with grit. Men who speak well can't govern. Elections are a sham. I'd rather have us pick them like Celebrity Apprentice. Judge who is worthy, America, as if you have a choice. Too many handlers between the people and the man.

Unfinished thoughts are welcome; you can finish them how you like. We don't need another writer, flaming out futilility. I as an outsider have the ability to think. Stuck here in the clink. Driven to drink. Too drunk to drive. Too alive to survive. Too true to open mouth. Too blue to let it out. True blue, you are the glue. What is why? Where is the how? When will be Forever.