There are hammers in the air
and scales at the fair
dunkin donuts everywhere so
let’s jump down the hole

Fashion is a crime
lemon twists align
mimicry sublime
where statues taste like pomegranates

Pulpify your face
smack it with a mace
don’t untie the lace
because the oysters go ‘pip pip pip’

Yellow as the snow, simmers
colons take a blow
pass a cup o jo
Hemingway was a barnswallow.

Drag walnuts abroad in a paper bag
lengthen your tart-skirts for an episode of ‘Maude’
drain widget barrels; replace with sod
I can vouchsafe these timbits for eternity

Convents in Uruguay will be cleansed, and
grandfather clocks can make amends
a bridge of molten brass suspends
the cloudstuff over the peninsula

Midgets will tickle thickly
unless batty bricks suspect trickery
and then there is no piggishness
that ever goes unpunished

So waft your crackles with black impugn
untether the maypoles o'er the dune
and curse at a moon with your heart on a spoon or
drink a pitcher of sulphuric acid.

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