Florence - the land of floors

If Laurence is the land of Lauras, then surely Florence is the land of floors! Everywhere you walk, there is a paving stone, sidewalk or even just a cobble. I wonder what Rennaisance master invented the plain white marble floor; it has many uses: eg standing, walking, leaning, lying (supine and prostrate), twirling, hopping, resting a table and so on etc. In North America we take floors for granted, but what is a house but a cube with six floors, some vertical and some upside down? I am learning so much here in Italy. I also wonder, if Florence were made into a video game, would the Mario Bros make a cameo appearance? Luigi Mario and Mario Mario are Italian after all, and it'd be a good marketing gimmick. To the video game geniuses here in Tuscany, please chew on that for a while. Also, the pizza here is awesome. Who knew? Peace out my time is up.

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