Ideas for upcoming posts:

  • an etymological analysis of the words "banjo" and "milkshake" and how they influenced 18th-century historians' interpretations of the Norman conquest. (hey it's half written)
  • photos of my pet pigeon, Stoolie "Stooges" MacPuffin
  • dialogue featuring opposing opposable thumbs
  • rant on monogrammed sweatshirts
  • list of my preferred flavours of Italian ices
  • noir fiction piece involving a cross-dressing juggler, Kim Jong Il, and American Pie's Jason Biggs. Don't know how it starts but halfway through Clyde "The Glide" Drexler rolls into town with a bazooka, firing rockets at all the trees. "Burn them timbers," he cries -- and he snores constantly. But he gives up militancy, takes up the hookah, and falls into sheesha dependency. To support his habit he impersonates a firefighter who breaks into houses to steal the owner's Wii. NB Drex doesn't actually do those things, but he impersonates someone who does, and so becomes a smash on the mime circuit ... oh yeah the whole thing is mimed. Could be a musical too
  • Analysis: "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- Music Man, Decaying Mummy, or Mistress to the Czars?"


Angry Brown Man said...

i like the misc horseshit posts.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

You just posted about all of them.

Except we need more detail, and I am still learning to sign by opposing opposable thumbs, so it's slow going getting through this.

And, I'm all for noir Italian iced coffee. The darker, the better.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...
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