RIP Musa

I rode by on a Monday morning and
saw the police tape.
So many times served by the waiter
in the cowboy hat
I never minded the wait

French toast smothered in maple syrup
Red bricks eaten by flames
On a weekend with so many fire alarms
In a city that lives to blame

When power goes out in a heat wave
We rush to corners to direct the cars
But when Sundays are snuffed like a lit cigar
The police state's rather lame
And my daily pass through Dundas
and Euclid never will be the same

[See "Fire destroys Musa and several homes at Dundas and Euclid"]


asyl076 said...

Hey, hope you had a great birthday :)

- A

Cupcake Man said...

Thanks Aim - How the heck did you know it was my birthday? I'm sure I've missed wishing you well on your last 5! Erp, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I think it's really sweet that you wrote a poem about Musa.