Why do I ask so many questions?

Could it be that history is a lie?

Could it be that what survives isn't what's good? Are cockroaches good? Were dinosaurs bad?

Could it be that there is no Plan? Is that a narrative fallacy? Do you believe in progress? Do you believe in chaos? Do you really think it could have happened by accident?

Could it be that, in the face of randomness, you could still choose something good?

Could it be that you can choose something bad, because you know it will turn out right in the end - because you believe there is a Plan?

Is religion for simpletons? Is atheism for the smug and the dejected?

Do you care about getting the credit? Do you just want your descendants to survive?

Have you ever thought about this--even for a second? Were you drunk?

Do you wonder why people need to take drugs? Have you ever tried connecting the dots? Is it any wonder we're tortured by sociopaths?

When was the last time you voted? Is abstinence the answer? Do I have a selective memory?

Seriously what is UP with this shit??


Casual Practitioner said...

...my own little orderly campsite with a warm fire in the middle of a wild wild chaotic wilderness...a sturdy raft in the swirl

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

History is written by the victors, so it isn't absolute truth, it's what the winner wants to believe. That doesn't make it a lie, it makes it a perspective. If you believe something, your perspective isn't wrong or right, it is your own, and while it may be your truth, it is probably not someone else's truth.

Cupcake, dear, all of these questions are absolutes. There are no absolutes. There is gray matter in between, and the answers are sometimes and possibly and once in a while and now and then... for this thing but not for that, this time, but not then, and maybe.

Life does not fit into anything, ever. It is too dynamic and ever changing.

I'd suggest a little dabble in astrophysics. It's fascinating.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore