Lifestyle micro- tips coming soon to a YouTube channel near you

  • Fastest way to fill in a scantron bubble
  • Fastest way to put mail inside a mailbox
  • How to dodge a stroller on a narrow sidewalk
  • Best way to ascend a winding staircase
  • How to button up a shirt
  • How to hang toilet paper
  • Best way to put cream in your coffee
  • Fastest way to dry your hands
  • How to roll out of bed without injuring yourself
  • How hard to push a stapler
  • How to unwrap a dry cleaning bag
  • Fastest way to draw a stick figure
  • Best way to unwrap tape
  • Where to put your shoes at a house party
  • Least messy way to squash a spider
  • Fastest way to light candles on a cake
  • The fastest way to remove sand from your sandals
  • When to eat lunch at the office
  • Which urinal to choose (during a power outage)
  • Fastest way to gargle
  • How close to wait behind the other person at the ATM
  • How to find the exact middle page of a book
  • Fastest way to remove flyers from a magazine.
  • How to quickly tell if someone has removed the Sports section from the newspaper.
  • The best angle to hold your pen
  • How to quickly find the right house key

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