Sulla sua cattiva strada

I was working on the railroad, I was toasted by the fire, like a marshmallow man, sitting on a toothpick. Out and out we shouted, we wanted more motions, less thought. We need another round of whiskey to numb last night's gut rot. Why not sit and swig with us? Why not crash and stay? I know, you could never act that way.

Overboard I fell, overlong we dwelled. I was lifted up in the arms of that strong one, lifted up into his cape, too tired to thank the man, I spent a month harvesting his grapes. When he let me play with his children, when he let me sit at his table, I gained a position, small bit of dignity in the household a go to child when a salesperson dropped in from town. "Please sir sit down and let me pour you green tea." Please sir, I would think to myself, can you tell me what happens in town? I was thirteen and heard of the glass fountains in the main square, covered with lights in spring evenings.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Moonlighting as a Marshmallow Man as well, are you?

Cupcake- I have never loved anything you've ever written as much as I love that entire second paragraph. That one made me smile and brought a few tears. Truly.

Thank you,

Scarlett & V.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I just featured this paragraph in my latest post. Thank you... I did cite my source. ;D

Scarlett & Viaggiatore