I'm back!

Much more to come.

Not that I'm going to explain my absence - the author's life is quite boring, I assure you - but three weeks senza cupcakes makes a blogger hungry.

To satisfy that backlogged appetite a bit, here's something I wrote just before I left:

to the brunette waitress at kos

you look like that girl in
your cowboy boots and
irish skin you
ask me what i want

‘just pancakes for now’
i’m hungry as
you bend over
look down at me

‘how’re your milk shakes?’
i’m wondering
your legs eyes hair lashes
‘oh they’re the best’

yes yes everything’s all right
yes yes anything else?
just the bill please and your
heaving bosom

(for more on kos check out 'the great brunch debate'... ah it's good to be back.)

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