lousy at self-promotion

...sure doesn't seem like it, I know. But I'm learning.

I (this is the author speaking - 'asinine voice') finally put a viable, readable copy of FIAC volume 1 on the links. So if you click 'want the home version?' it now opens onto 'la pièce de resistance-contre-le-raison' aka 2004's most unnoticed and yet rambling, rumbling lyrical-satirical-emotional-hysterical-empirically-impossible pot of prose-or-poetical jumbalaya (online history I tell you!), aka FIAC-V1.

As for the rather underhyped Liberty is a Bagel, I've been busy making other online history with my quite-deservedly-hyped pun-based projects at the moment (and if you haven't been patronizing the Pun Gents on a regular basis, you need to hop on that, Mr./Ms. Scant-laughter), but everything for LIAB is all written; it's just a matter of squeezing it onto the plate and flicking away the poppy seeds. Give me two weeks more: if you liked volume 1, you can afford to wait. If you didn't like it, well - online history is going to prove you wrong.

One day, I'll have all the solutions. I'll figure out a way to package them too.

Trouble is I can't stop shopping for problems.

(dammit - just lost my asinine voice... ah screw it; on with the show)

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