how to get rich quick

(today's obsolescence = tomorrow's leisure trend)

man i am tired

here's some random clauses, which should inspire me for the rest of the post:

the more complicated the instrument, the more beautiful the art


use space shuttle technology to draw doodles?

and - at what point will the surgeon general realize that computers are making me stupid?

How soon until there are group 'arithmetic' classes - math for fun; math to kick back, relax and socialize! - just like we have group aerobics (pick up math hotties)? As soon as a basic human faculty - calculation - is made obsolete by technology that eliminates cognitive work (computers), then as our brains atrophy from disuse, mathematics becomes a desirable social-leisure activity. And once a leisure activity, there is real money to be made. Did private gyms exist before automobiles made physical exercise unnecessary? I don't think so. And so it will be with arithmetic social clubs.

So yeah, I’ve decided I'm starting up a 12-Times Tables salon. Let's get together and multiply out loud: fifty bucks members’ fee, payable every six months. My profits increase exponentially!

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