Do not give in to temptation, it’s late and you are alone, but someone is always watching. This is a lesson, about discipline, about waiting for your moment, waiting waiting you have learned a great deal of patience. Oh boy you tickle those thoughts and flirt with lightning; everything leads to your private crescendo. Now open up those eyes and look 360 degrees, what is a chicken butt, how is now - why made obsolete by a newborn baby’s cry. Nothing better than dinner for two with a hazel-eyed angel; she speaks in silence and oozes grace, her lipstick on my cheek - so I refuse to wash my face.

O lady, quiet in the park; love bites or frostbite? I can’t tell in this dark.

I keep her perfume on a shelf; I sniff it every month, reminds me of Niagara Falls, of strawberries and mangos and jet-screams at airshows. I want her to knit me a scarf; I wanna ask her about silk. She took me to a movie once – it was fun, yeah but I’m still cookie-crumbs in her kitchen and I’m about to spill the milk. I'm fine fettle with a mop, and I'll mix it up with filth; I can't keep clean forever though, I need a signal; need to draw up the will.


Anonymous said...

you're slipping, man!
this latest one aint up to the normal quality.

i miss the old stuff.

Cupcake Man said...

you mean this post is crap, or this styl e of post is crap?

you like the funny? please explain. my quality control inspectors are very interested.

you crazy bastards love the funny, dontcha.

haven't been feeling funny for months though. sorry