Mirage #99

(just like following a script)

One day straight hair
the next so curly
yeah so what if I'm short
at first glance
I thought you were my girly
although you don’t eat meat, at least your clothes are neat
a fastidious vegetarian?
whatever, I’m smitten by
your folksy expression

where I’m from we don’t say ‘golly’
or decorate for Christmas on the second date.
something resonates, your earnestness
you wanna be a stage temptress
milady it’s not too late.

could I call you (date) number 2?
you said I could call you anytime
but I can’t, really, I won’t
another snuffed siren in a long line
weary of these false alarms
‘where there’s no spark, there’s no fire’
you and I and the rest of us afraid to death of harm

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