Today's random insults

  1. I am witness to a horrific belching trend.
  2. We are undone by pitiless boinkery.
  3. Woe to wicked! They have seven extra toes.
  4. Shall I call you Shasta, or shithead?
  5. Your brogue is a vulgar shrieking thing.
  6. I have often considered you a leech-pig. I am proved right.
  7. Swim in my pool and I will forcefeed you a mutton bazooka.
  8. You are a man of hardened cheese.
  9. Your Swedish-princess tickler is now in the mail.
  10. Oh, Mr. Sludgemuffin - your hair's blown away in the wind!
  11. I agree the coastal towns should sell more butter! But you've absconded with my churn.
  12. Vicious meadowlarks defy my every ordinance. I shall torch the mountainside and begin anew.

1 comment:

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

All noted.

You left out body odor and salesman.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore