1. Resuscitate more life forms via electrostatic reverse-cryogenics
  2. Part hair in accordance with a normal distribution
  3. Master the truck-to-truck propane transfer
  4. Relentlessly self-actuate. Failing that, wiltingly self-deprecate
  5. Cell-divide mitotically on even-numbered days of the month
  6. Three words: Laser-tag Wednesdays
  7. Burn down the Museum of Arson
  8. Punctuate more punctiliously. Alliterate less repetitively. Write more adverbially
  9. Perform at least one gastric bypass surgery
  10. Increase sandwich production, decrease sandwich consumption. Invest sandwich-offset credits in emerging shawarma economy

1 comment:

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

So how are all of these things going for you?

I especially like that laser tag Wednesday idea, and writing more adverbially.

Good goals.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore