12 minutes to kill in Robarts library

'I wish I were Ghanaian' said my friend Tlomi from Djibouti
I said 'Tlomi dear, I respect your wish but can
you shake the Ghana booty?'
he looked at me and said 'tutti frutti, Patty--u r a cutie and I M N luv!'

purple poltergeists come and go
they shake their bangs out to and fro
they clang a lot, learn tai bo
you say 'that is sooo five years ago'

my favourite priest is made of chocolate
I call him Father Cocoa
he melted in the microwave
a holy sticky mess
while languishing in a puddle
he cried 'I am languishing in a puddle'
'I need to get that off my chest!'

(don't even try to guess)

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Angus said...


i love you.

will you marry me?

pretty please, with sugar and spice and all things nice on top???