Remember the Eglinton subway blog I promised, way back in July? The proposed subway along Eglinton Ave in Toronto that was begun but never was completed--remember that, huh? No, of course not. You don't remember. Because, dear reader, you have the attention span of a tree frog.

Churlishness aside, I did actually inaugurate said 'proposed subway blog' in early August but I forgot to tell you about it since (sheepish grin here) it's not much to look at so far. Heheheh. But now school has begun and, if you pea-brains know me at all, you know by now that I'll be right into that urban-rail-punditry groove. So hell, get your fix of transit-related outrage at www.eglintonsubway.blogspot.com. September has arrived, and with it unfolds the first ever EglinTemberFest, a month-long bonanza of discussion and debate about Toronto's favourite hypothetical subterranean civil engineering project. What's that, EglinTemberFest? Yeah that's right pea-brain, I said EglinTemberFest.

Not that I won't continue the subway blog past the end of September, mind you; I just needed to tack on some ridiculous notions of cupcakey foolishness in order for this otherwise straightforward announcement to qualify as fitting FIAC-ish fodder. So I invented "EglinTemberFest" out of the blue because, see, it's a such a silly name (now I'm giving away all my secrets!).

So when I say "EglinTemberFest" what do you say?

You say "boo-yah!"

Damn straight. EglinTemberFest? Boo-yah. That's it. Kick ass.

ps So that URL again: eglintonsubway.blogspot.com--saddle up, you ninnies, and let's ride.

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