I'm all out of Confessions

"It was bound to happen, given the breakneck pace of the past year. From here in everything that happens is your fault too - it's all a favour I'm doing for you. So go ahead, let me shrivel into a raisin, let me catch TB from typing in this basement; you audiences aren't as innocent as you think. It drives someone silly trying to get some attention; you think you can click em off your conscience? You can't shake responsibility so easy. Sure this may be the internet, and everyone's anonymous - but there's still a little thing called karma; we're rolling around in this together. Whoever said money is love was wrong. No No No. Money is attention. Money is neurons firing in your brain. Click click click. Karma karma karma. The observer alters the outcome - that's the quantum physics they need to teach in kindergarten. But when I was in school they were still in the 19th century - readin', ritin', memory tricks... As for this century: if the internet ever becomes truly communist, then most idiots out there are going to be glad about Apathy Insurance, and its converse - the Popularity Tax - as measured out in jolts of electric current. It'll be the only social stabilizer we're going to need..."


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