Zanzibar and Elenore encounter a rascal

"Rum tum tugger - I am a bootlegging bugger"

Trucking rum down to Alabama, Zanzibar and Elenore met trouble off the I-95 interstate, by an El Cheapo gas station outside Savanna Georgia. A mucklucking rascal approached the van with a hostile gait, waving a pistol. “Hoss me the vittles,” cried the well-armed rake - “the gig is jiggy!” The rumrunners would've run but were transfixed by fear; Zanzibar could have stomped the horn to get attention, but few cars were around at 2 am. The gangster’s Beretta sang twice into the sky - this rascal was deadly. The back door opened by force; rum was all over the floor. The rascal licked his lips, grinned in a sweat, "Jeebus been good to me!" And Elenore hissed, "Take it quick, you rascal - and you tell El Santos that he's won this round," and she puked all over her shoes. El Santos had his way again, and Big Daddy would not be pleased...

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