My lady

My lady

She is blonde
In a bottled up way
She is brilliant
In a lovely fashion,

(some phrases that might make sense one day:)

Simpler things fading away today, and it was done to maximize income; to do the thing I hate most because I get paid the most. To have a personality that doesn’t wither with the oncoming of the season. I was some teenage fool and you were a gynaecologist in the moonlight. I plumb those memories with my puffin wings in a winter’s day. One thing done well compensates for ten million disastrously.

The underwear hegemony, the rodeo monsooning. The yawn-inducing sneeze of the regicidal dwarf. A dwarf wants to harass a king at the same time he wants to claim a crescent moon sandwich from the counter of the suburban deli and the whitewashed storefront needs cleaning once spring arrives and it is one entire year of nothingness.

Every statement implies its antithesis; every statement is a challenge of truthhood and falsity. Logical statements are either true or false - which is why I prefer speaking in noun phrases. Wonder woman, the dialectical atrocity, my law of excluded middle.

So inquisitive and thoughtful and forgetful and slow to act and quick to understand. And so in love with wisdom.

(don't hold your breath)

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