meaning = absence of suffering?

When I was a boy I killed a bird that flew into my window.
I ran outside. Its head was wrenched completely backwards. It was bleeding, jumping around spastically.
Seeing pain like that makes a body sick to its stomach. I had to act.
I'm not sure who was putting whom out of his misery.
How did I know he had suffered enough?
I threw a rock on top him. A muffled thud. I didn't blink.
I knew it was important, even at the time. That's why I remember it.
I'm not sure I'd want anyone to make that decision for me.
(You too can donate your bodily organs to philosophy.)
But animals don't have souls. Hmm. Does it still work as an example?
Probably not.
I'd still like to thank that bird, for donating his body to philosophy.
(let he who is possessed of the meaning of life cast the first stone...)
ps when in doubt, blame the windowmaker.

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