Two new blogs!

Was having a bit too much fun name-poaching on blogger today. I tried creating logspot.blogspot.com (gives rise to the euphemism, "I had to go to the washroom to post a couple of blogs") and spotblog.blogspot.com (man's best blog), as well as topsgolb.blogspot.com (backwards blog aka golb-dygook), but those names were all taken. :-(

Instead, I'm proud to present a couple of new, purely mischievous *sham* blogs. I encourage you to visit and offer suggestions as to what direction they might take:

Any other suggestions? The Glob Blog? ...Nope, taken. Hmm... well, I think we get 9 or 10 of the damn things if we want, so I encourage everyone to take full advantage - somebody out there may want to pay for one of those names!

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