Today's confession: controllable urges

Every so often I am tempted to chop up this blog into several dozen smaller blogs, with each category or 'flavour' of post as its own blog. Have the 'half-assed short story blog', the 'spooky rhyming ramble' blog, and the 'poems about girls' blog etc etc. I think it would make my writing stronger, provide focus that is sorely lacking, and in general give me a kick in the ass. It's the grammarian in me, or maybe it's the mad scientist trying to tame this multi-headed Frankensteinian hydra of the imagination... The problem is how do I delineate the categories in a way that doesn't peter out all my creative momentum? How much do I give in to structure? I fear that once I got going I wouldn't stop subdividing my output into boxes until there was nothing left of the original pelican man. It could be a colossal waste of time, and probably mean a colossal loss of readership as most folks would just assume I jumped the shark and I couldn't blame them either. But I like things to make sense too. I want to give my stuff an even break, have people ACTUALLY READ IT, and it's not that easy when you intimidate the reader with all these voices, styles, sometimes-big-words-sometimes-small-words spontaneous-to-a-fault proto-blogger satirist-realist-mega-micro-not-a-poet-but-an-omnifauxet everything-in-the-universe-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin all-things-to-all-eyeballs ambition. Ag, stop - this analysis is giving me cancer.

Or maybe I've just got that New Year's old-year anxiety. What have I accomplished anyway?


Anonymous said...

go for it man - may i suggest a "slices of the cupcake" analogy - with a main page doevoted to overview of the individual slices with links to each slice in turn - the slices being the catagories, or 'flavours' also on the main page - a few choice mouthfuls personally selected for the readers pleasure/s - just a few ideas - keep up the tasty cooking!

Anonymous said...

i definitely had that same urge right around new years. i wanted to get myself a whole new blog because i feel mine is just to filled with old rants and has become a place for personal things. i wanted a new identity.
instead i changed the look of my old livejournal and shaved my head in the real world.
sometimes it's easier to mix up the smaller things and let the larger change come slowly.