Eric the Lungfish

(based on a true story; names have been changed to protect the protagonists)

Eric the Lungfish

Eric the Lungfish
pokes his eyeballs out
he gets no support
his spine like jelly
it gives no support
an amorphous moral
in a classroom full
of six-year-olds
they call him the freak;
the board of education
should have seen this coming
to treat him like a pet
but he doesn’t like
to be touched.

Eric the Lungfish
just a bit misunderstood
ah Miss Desirée
the only one who understands
when he pokes his eyes out
the kids scream and shout
and Eric finally feels
like a human being.

Eric the Lungfish
wasn’t wanted by his mother
they’ve got a box full at home
of his funeral preparations
but the doctors say
he’ll outlive them all
that’s right Eric--
you show them.

Blind, deaf, mute
like a lungfish
he’s Eric the Lungfish
heck for all we know
he could be a
messenger from God.

(no, seriously)

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