Penny on the ground


Penny on the ground

Penny on the ground, every day pick it up
One cent closer to your dream home
No room for it in your pockets;
maybe buy more pants first?

Gregor turned to something ugly
an insidious insect
gave the world something beautiful
Did anyone expect his soul?

Zundel deported to Canada
land that welcomes Nazis
Lollipop sugar is sweeter when licked
Is it ok to be racist, if you are a hot chick?

Alright, you convinced me, let’s get outta here
Aren’t you tired of repetition
these quadruplicating rhythms
this mental taxation?

I’m just sitting here
pretty much ok; all I need is
1600 calories every day, to stay alive, is all I need
a love of routine, and the daily news?

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