you LIKE me! :-)


File under WGACA for 'What goes around, comes around': after my shout-out to mah shorteez a couple days ago, that intrepid and dedicated archivist of the blogosphere, ie 'The Ranger', has reciprocated with his thoughts on my own dear cupcakes. So check out his (Aussie-based) page, The Lost Blogs Home for a review of FIAC, as well as links to a cornucopia of other sites, from the noteworthy to the arcane. Keeping track of all those wayward blogs ain't exactly like dusting crops, so here's a shout-out to the Ranger.

In conclusion, it's so heartening--how this burgeoning, squirming blogtropolis of ours is much like a big, bloggy, happy-family-circle of online appreciation. So thanks, and werd to big berd; you freaky bastards are alright.

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