Spartacus goes shopping

Why do we stand in the back of the lineup, waiting for The Man to make us pay? Brothers, sisters, levitate, congregate and fulminate. Today a new day dawns. Today it is the choicest and fluffiest loaves that we select from bakery shelves. Today it is the heartiest chicken broth that we sip; no more shall substandard, stale licorice swizzles be pawned off to the heretofore too-mild children of Africa. No more shall we honest victims engage in tiresome struggle for basic grocerial self-determination. Seize the firmest, most perfumed melons! Pluck the most savoury tenderloin from the under the nose of our cotton oppressors! Can you smell the premium coffee brewing? Well today and forever we shall have righteous cause to sip from that same percolating kettle!

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